How do you copy video link on Pinterest

  • 1. Open the Pinterest app or website on your device and log in to your account.
  • 2. Navigate to the video you want to copy the link for. You can find videos on your home feed, search results, or within specific boards or profiles.
  • 3. Once you have found the video, click or tap on it to open it in a larger view or a dedicated video player.
  • 4. On the video player screen, you should see various options and buttons. Look for the "Share" or "Share icon" button, usually represented by an arrow pointing out of a box or a curved arrow.
  • 5. Click or tap on the "Share" button. This will open a share menu with different sharing options.
  • 6. Within the share menu, you should see an option to "Copy Link" or "Copy Video Link." Select that option, and the video link will be copied to your device's clipboard.
  • You can now paste the copied video link wherever you want, such as a note-taking app, messaging app, or a web browser address bar.

Why pinterest video are not downloading ?

  • Pinterest has implemented measures to protect the rights of content creators and to prevent unauthorized downloading of videos from their platform. As a result, downloading videos directly from Pinterest may not be possible or may be restricted.
  • But you can use free Pinterest Downloader here to download video from Pinterest
For example, the link would look like this:

How do i download videos and pictures from pinterest app ?

  • Downloading videos and pictures directly from the Pinterest app is not supported by the app itself. Pinterest has implemented measures to protect the rights of content creators and to prevent unauthorized downloading of their media.
  • However, if you still want to download videos and pictures from Pinterest, you can try using third-party tools or websites that specialize in Pinterest media downloads. You can try to use free Pinterest Downloader here to download video from Pinterest .
  • To use such tools or websites, you typically need to follow these steps:
  • Open the Pinterest app and navigate to the video or picture you want to download.
  • Tap on the "Share" button, usually represented by an arrow pointing out of a box or a curved arrow.
  • From the sharing options, select "Copy Link" or "Copy Link Address" to copy the link of the video or picture to your device's clipboard.
  • Exit the Pinterest app and open a web browser on your device.
  • Open the website in your browser.
  • Look for a field or option to paste the copied link from Pinterest. It may be labeled as "Paste URL" or something similar.
  • Paste the link into the provided field or option.
  • Select the desired download format and quality, if applicable.
  • Click or tap on the "Download" button to initiate the download process.

How do i save live wallpaper from Pinterest IOS ?

  • Saving a live wallpaper from Pinterest can be a bit more challenging compared to saving static images. Live wallpapers typically involve animation or interactive elements that make them more dynamic. Here are a few steps you can try to save a live wallpaper from Pinterest
  • Find the live wallpaper on Pinterest: Browse through Pinterest and locate the specific live wallpaper you want to save. You can use relevant keywords or explore different boards or collections that feature live wallpapers.
  • Open the live wallpaper: Click on the SHARE or "..." to copy the live wallpaper link.
  • Open the Browser and type and paste the link and click Download.
  • Wait few seconds and choose the place to save live wallpaper. Done. Enjoin!

How do i save a video from Pinterest to your camera roll iphone ?

  • Open Pinterest: Launch the Pinterest app on your iPhone.
  • Find the video: Locate the specific video you want to save within Pinterest. You can use the search function or browse through your feeds and boards.
  • Open the video: Tap on the video to open it and start playing.
  • Share the video: While the video is playing, look for the "Share" button. It is usually represented by an arrow pointing upward and is located at the bottom of the screen. Tap on it.
  • Access the share options: In the share menu, click "Copy Link"
  • Open the Safari and access Dotsave.APP . Find paste button and click Download
  • Wait few seconds, the Safari downloads the video to your iphone. Click to the "Detail" to watch the video

How do i convert Pinterest video to mp4 ?

  • Find the Pinterest video: Locate the specific video on Pinterest that you want to convert to MP4 format. Make sure it's a video and not a static image.
  • Obtain the video URL: Right-click on the video or tap and hold on it to access the context menu. Look for an option like "Copy Video URL" or "Copy Link Address" and select it. This will copy the video's URL to your clipboard.
  • Choose an online video converter: Open a web browser and search for an online video converter. There are various options available, such as "DotSave - Pinterest Downloader" . Pick one that suits your needs and preferences
  • Paste the video URL: Look for a designated field or box on the converter's website where you can paste the video URL. Right-click in the box and select "Paste" or use the keyboard shortcut Ctrl+V (Windows) or Command+V (Mac) to paste the URL.
  • Few mins, the website provides the MP4 Video Link. Click on the link to download the MP4 file to your computer or device.

How do i download a gif from Pinterest ?

  • Open the Pinterest website ( and log in to your account.
  • Search for the GIF you want to download by entering relevant keywords in the search bar.
  • Click on the GIF to open it in full view.
  • Once the GIF is open, right-click on it (or long-press if you're on a mobile device) to bring up the context menu.
  • In the context menu, select the "Save image as..." or "Save picture as..." option. The exact wording may vary depending on your browser or device.
  • Choose a location on your computer or mobile device where you want to save the GIF.
  • Click "Save" or "OK" to start the download process.
  • Wait for the GIF to finish downloading. The file will be saved to the location you specified. or you can use the Pinterest Downloader Free -
  • Please note that downloading and using images from Pinterest may be subject to copyright restrictions. Make sure to respect the rights of the content creator and only use the GIF for personal and non-commercial purposes or seek appropriate permissions if necessary.

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