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Now I provide an app for downloading Pinterest videos, images and gifs

Download Video Pinterest with high quality HD, Full HD, 2k, 4K is the best Pinterest Video Downloader and is a web-based application designed to provide users with the ability to easily and conveniently download videos from the Pinterest platform. The primary purpose of the website is to offer a user-friendly solution for individuals who want to save Pinterest videos to their local devices for offline viewing, personal use, or other creative projects.

Key features:

  • Image and Video Download: The downloader should allow users to easily save both images and videos from Pinterest to their local devices. This can include pins from their own boards as well as content from other users.
  • High-Quality Downloads: Ensure that the downloader retrieves content in its highest available quality. This can be particularly important for users who want to use the downloaded content for projects or presentations.
  • Download Options: Allow users to choose the format in which they want to download the content, such as JPEG, MP4, etc from Pinterest. This gives users more control over the downloaded files' compatibility with their intended use.
  • Source Attribution: Automatically include the original source URL or username in the downloaded file's metadata. This helps users credit the content to its rightful creator when they use it elsewhere
  • Pinterest Integration: The website interacts with the Pinterest platform by fetching video content directly from pins. Users can input the URL of the Pinterest pin containing the video they wish to download.
  • Video Extraction: The core functionality of the website revolves around extracting video content from Pinterest pins. It identifies and extracts the video file associated with the specified pin, ensuring that the process is efficient and accurate.
  • Multiple Formats and Resolutions: The website provides users with the flexibility to choose from various video formats (such as MP4) and resolutions. This allows users to tailor the downloaded videos to their specific preferences and needs.
  • Adherence to Copyright: While offering a convenient download solution, the website emphasizes respecting copyright and intellectual property rights. Users are informed about the importance of obtaining proper permissions for downloaded content and adhering to Pinterest's terms of use.
  • Security Measures: The website may implement security measures to protect user data and ensure that the downloading process is safe and secure.
  • FAQ and Support: The website may provide a dedicated section for frequently asked questions (FAQs) and customer support. This helps users troubleshoot any issues they may encounter and obtain assistance when needed.

  • While Pinterest doesn't offer a built-in download feature, we provide a website which helps to download video Pinterest. However, be cautious when using our website and ensure you have the necessary rights to download and use the content.
  • Yes, there are legal considerations. Downloading videos without proper authorization from content creators or without adhering to the platform's terms of use may infringe on copyright and intellectual property rights. Always respect the rights of content creators and platforms.
  • Open Pinterest app on your phone/or Web on your browser.
  • Choose whatever video you want to download.
  • Click to the Share button at the right bottom.
  • Click the Copy Link button.
  • Download by using your browsers: I want to keep things simple for you. No need to download or install any software. I make an application for this purpose as well but you can only install whenever you like.
  • Go back to DotSave.App and paste your download link to the field above then click to the Download button.
  • Wait for our server to do its job and then, save the video to your device.
  • Using downloaded content for commercial purposes without proper authorization or licensing from the content creator is likely a violation of copyright. Always seek permission or obtain licenses for commercial use of any content.
  • Common formats include MP4, JPGE or GIF, which is widely supported by most devices and platforms.
  • Our website offer the option to download videos in high quality if the source video is available in such a format. However, the quality of the downloaded video may depend on the source content.
  • Downloading videos from private boards without authorization is a violation of the privacy of the board's owner. Always respect the privacy settings of other users' content.
  • If you want to save a video for personal use, consider using Pinterest's built-in features like pinning the content to your own boards. This respects the platform's terms and the rights of content creators.

Note : DotSave (Pinterest video Downloader) is not a tool of Pinterest, we have no relationship with Pinterest. We only support Pinterest users to download our videos on Pinterest without any trouble. If you have problems with other Pinterest Downloader sites , try DotSave, we are constantly updating to make it easy for users to download Pinterest videos. Thank you!